Do I have to order a certain amount of an item to place an order?

If you are ordering promotional products there is a minimum quantity that has to be ordered. With screen print & embroidered garments the price is based off of the quantity so there isn’t a minimum per order. The more items you order the cheaper it is per piece.

Do I have to pay a set up fee every time I order?

With a screen print order there is an initial set up because of screen fees ($15 per screen). Once you place another order with the same design the fee amount drops to a reink fee ($5 per screen). If you are ordering embroidered items the digitizing fee is a one time cost based on the amount of stitches. When you place orders after that there is no fee to use the same design file.

Do you have samples of the items that I can see before I place a t-shirt order?

We do have several different styles & colors in house we can show you of t-shirts. If the one you like is not in our stock we can order a sample in so you know exactly what the items will look and feel like so you are happy with your purchase.

How long does it take to receive an order?

It typically takes 2 weeks from design approval to the order being completed. If there is an event date that needs to be met we try to meet the deadline, if the schedule allows.

I have no idea what I want my design to look like. Do I have to know before I place my order?

No you do not. We can help you through the process of taking a few ideas you have and making them into one design that you will love!

If I want to have a company store available for my employees do you stock the items for them to order?

Each company store that we host is unique along with the items offered. We go over all of the details i.e. stocking/packing/shipping options with you to see what will best fit your needs. We have warehouse space available for in house inventory for promotional items & garments so your employees have a one stop shopping experience.

What company do you use to ship orders?

We ship using FedEx, UPS, USPS or truck line. Our customers can choose which company we us or we can compare quotes to use the most cost effective way.

What is better screen print or embroidery?

It depends on the garment and personal preference. Screen print works well for items where cost is the determining factor. After long term wear/washing it will crack or wear off. Embroidery is more professional looking and it works well on any garment (at a left chest size for thinner material items), plus it will last until the garment becomes worn out.

What kind file to you need for my logo?

Vector art (eps file) works the best for screen print or embroidery. We can use jpegs for embroidery, but for screen print there will be an art fee to convert it to vector.

Will I see the final design before my order gets done?

Yes. We send proofs with screen print for color & layout approval. With embroidery we do a pre-production sew out to make sure the design will look good before production and show you before we proceed with the order.

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